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I just really want the Jake Evans case to really begin. It’s an incredibly interesting case for so many reasons. He looks so distressed and nervous in the court room, with dark circles under his eyes. I kind of just want to give him a big hug and just ask him what’s wrong, what he’s thinking, what happened. Why such a seemingly kind and gentle boy would do something like kill his mother and sister. He doesn’t seem remotely proud or like he feels justified. Something caused this. This just needs to get going.

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    Wow you are so intellectual and insightful~Sorry I’m interested in his mental state and well-being. But, yes, we are the...
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    he fucking killed his mother and sister that’s what’s wrong you people are gross
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    i mean… he kinda just said he felt like killing for a long time… and his mom and sister were just there… who knows.
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    Srsly this is one of the most interesting cases in recent memory GET ONNNNN WITH ITTTTT
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